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Numerology Reading - The Secret Of Having Good Luck

"Johny's Numerology Reading is the best. He uses both numerology systems!
My life, business has drastically improved after I did everything that Johny Cusante suggested. I even changed my name."

Professor J. Jordan Marino --- The Wharton School --- University of Pennsylvania

It makes me sad seeing people making  avoidable mistakes in their lives. I know how they are missing out on the opportunities and happiness and have bad luck all the time. I really want to help, that is the truth. That is why I am offering you my numerology reading.

This is what I will prepare for each one of you using your birth date, name, last name, time of your birth:



Here are just some of the things you’ll get when you invest in numerology reading:

  • What may be the cause of your bad luck in personal life and also in business
  • How to get your life back together
  • How To Stop Worrying and start living your life
  • what are the appropriate days to invest money
  • Chaldean Analysis of your name, last name, birth date
  • Pythagorean Analysis your name, last name, birth date
  • Suitable name calculation
  • Birth date vibration calculation
  • Name vibration
  • Personal week, month and year forecast
  • Most suitable Career and Occupation
  • Family
  • Friends - who are yur best friends
  • Partner - how to choose the right partner
  • Love life - how to improve your love life, who is your soulmate
  • Suitable gems and stones that you should wear to boost your positive vibrations
  • Love game
  • How To Discover What You Are Really Good At
  • Health - what may be your health weaknesses
  • Numerology and Money - how to invest money
  • How to use your lucky numbers
  • Lottery analysis - how to win money
  • Numerology and gambling
  • Hobbies, Sports
  • Numerology and beyond
  • How To Start A New Life
  • Have security in old age
  • Have guaranteed income
  • Stop worrying about your future

Hi Johny, Thankyou so much for the reading, it was fantastic!
i really enjoyed it.
I was wondering are you able to suggest me a couple more perfect names? i like oksana n samanta, but i dont think they suit me.



Hi Johny, I just finished reading my numerology reading and it was extremely accurate. I myself have studied Pythagorean Numerology and just recently started with Chaldean Numerology. I truly believe we are ruled by numbers from birth to death. I really liked the fact you mixed both numerological systems- great job! Also, the name you suggested for me is perfect. It sounds Italian and I like it!  Fortunately, even though I'm of Hispanic origin, I look quite white, so big plus on that- thanks again. I will highly recommend you to my most intimate friends for a reading. Thank you very much and I shall be persistent and have faith with the advice and suggestions you have offered me. Thank you once again, Johny, and keep bringing this true mystical technology to the public eye.

Zack R. USA.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your help. I must have asked you a hundred questions. You always answer back and are patient and knowledgeable with me. Your reading assisted me in finding a name that should vibrate even better for me- not that the old one was bad- I just wanted something that'd allow me to follow my path as fully as possible. I am so very grateful, Johny. Thank you again and many blessings to you!!

Samantha Polk, USA


Dear Johny ~

I want to thank you very much for all the work and effort you put into my Chart. I am in the process of the name change - with the paperwork being mailed out today!

I pray this will help lighten the load - and it should - given the name is balanced under both systems. Thanks for you excellent work. It makes perfect sense.


N.W., New York


Hi Johny,
It was great talking to you today over the phone. You are very helpful. I will recommend you to my family and friends.
Have a great weekend.
Thanks and regars,


Dear Mr. Cusante,
I have changed my name 3 months ago. I used the name that you suggested for me. A lot of things have changed. I feel free, very lucky, problems with my health are almost gone. I was in horrible pain for almost 20 years..
Betti Randi, New Jersey



The numerology analysis includes approx 70 - 100 PAGES . I use Chaldean and Pythagorean Numerology.


numerology reading


BONUS 1 - Numerology talismans or yantras for family members or friends

BONUS 2 - Careers and Occupations - What is the best career for each family member or friend

BONUS 3 - Colors And Gems - Best gems to wear for each birth number person

BONUS 4 - Gambling And Numerology - Gambling strategy for each birth number person

BONUS 5 - Numerology And Health - Health tips for each birth number person

BONUS 6 - Vacation Spots And Numerology - Tips where to spend your vacation


I offer 4 different packages. Choose the one you like the most.



Numerology Reading

We accept paypal and credit cards

My numerology reading comes with a 30 days 100% Money Back Guarantee.






I offer phone consultation plus a reading. You get 1 unlimited phone calls plus a reading.

Numerology Reading

We can talk over Skype or you can call me on my number in Los Angeles.





I will help you find a harmonious company name, based on your numerology vibrations.

You will get complete personal numerology report + company name analysis and new company name suggestions.

Numerology Company

We can talk over Skype or you can call me on my number in Los Angeles.





I will analyze both partners and create detailed report in both numerology systems. You will be able to see if you are compatible with your partner, if you are compatible to get married, or to date etc..

If you want a phone call after you get the reading, to discuss the compatibility in more details, you can select that also.

Numerology Reading

We can talk over Skype or you can call me on my number in Los Angeles.




Hi Johny,
I’ve had a full reading from you and it was very helpful.
Thank you,
With love and purpose,
Jayne, director, startup


Hi Johny,
I am amazed how accurate your reading was. I love it, I will order one for my wife too
Julian, dentist


Johny I want you to be my life coach
Just by looking at my numerology report, Johny knew exactly who I am; from there, we talked over the phone for about 2 hours, yes the phone call was not timed at all. He told me about how to achieve my goals. I highly recommend Johny numerology reading to anyone who could use some insight into why they are unlucky and how to unlock their happiness.
Margo P, Alaska, USA


Very accurate!!
“When I came to Johny Cusante for a reading, I did not believe in numerology that much, my best friend recommended Johny Cusante. But when I got the numerology report, I found it uncannily accurate, so I booked a phone call with Johny. I’ve ordered 5 more readings for my family members. I can’t explain it, but Johny readings have been very accurate and provided profound insight. He gave me great advice about relationship, business, health etc….
Jolanda B., Professor, Miami, USA


This numerology report was better than therapy
Getting my numerology report done was like the most awesome moment of my life. Johny is such a great guy. He was very helpful over the phone and super nice. He is the best coach I have had and I will return back buying readings for my daughter and son.
Amy S, company owner, Chicago



Dear Johny,
How are you? I loved your reading. Thank you!
Gerard M., USA



It's been about 4 months and everything is going quite well I have bought a catering van to start a new business. I have got a very good price and been accepted to the local farmers markets, and festivals, the right people who I have needed to help have appeared at the right time. Almost all the preparation is done to start properly next year. I have also received a letter from my bank saying they were going to reverse the interest charged on a loan I have because they made an error only a few days after I changed my name by deed poll. Additionally my income has increased and I am happy in my relationship.

Thanks to Johny's in depth report and helpful consultation I had trust that he was able to assist me and I have no regrets. Justin (London UK)



Hi Johny,

Thank you very much for the report. It is amazing, your comments are very accurate! Especially the Chaldeon reading in relation to my name. Since It is not possible to change the birth date, there is only one thing that I can do to sort out my life: to change my name:)




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