Numerology Testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials I have received from people.

Thank you so much for the numerology report, it is great value for money and I love that you include both systems of numerology.

The extensive first name list has been very helpful and by reading the report I now have the tools to work out, on my own, any name that is right for me (I'm not just restricted to the names on the list).

Will be returning soon to have my sons reports done!

kind regards
Tracey Crawford

Tracey Crawford, USA



Hi Johny,
Thank you for the Talisman. I am wearing the talisman via numbers on small card attached to necklace.

Notice a remarkable difference in my energy and overall outlook. Thank you for sharing you knowledge and this gift.

Susana H.

Susana. H, USA



Hi Johny,

I've been going over the numerology report and am so impressed with your work! I do have some questions and comments. You put things together beautifully!

Was looking forward to see your name change suggestion. Susana is a name I started using online, about 6 years ago. Felt comfortable. The energy change is greatly appreciated.. Was thinking of tweaking last name, and like what you came up with. Smiled when reading this.

Love how you combined the two systems in balancing the energy. I've been wanting to change my name since junior high school. It's about time, don't you think? ha ha. Your reading is right on. Moore was my father's name and H.(ommited for privacy reasons) was my husbands name. Both are deceased now. Was born on a Thursday at 8:03 AM, which comes to another 9.

I scanned over the report, yesterday afternoon, and need to focus clearly on each aspect.. This is awesome! Have been drawn to numerology for a long time and am greatful to have your professional input and suggestions for balancing the challenges, and everything else. I'm also looking for my next career and finding the appropriate one for me.

If I can get back to you with questions, that would be wonderful and much appreciated.

So, thank you for this lovely gift.

Susana H.

Susana. H, USA



I received a reading from Johny in June of 2008. I was told to change my name for a better vibration. After I read the information, I decided to do so. In August of 2008, I legally changed my name. (it takes about 2 months for this legal action in my town).

After I left the courthouse, the first thing I noticed was that I felt very good as if a gorilla was off my back. Within the first month, I noticed that people were more receptive to me. I attracted a powerful lawyer to help me in a legal matter that was settled in a very positive way. I also was able to meet some very powerful/influential people right away-- both professionally and privately.

Now, I am going on one year since I had the reading. I can say that my life has changed more positively. I recently had a mystic do a reading for me, and I was told that I have a very lucky vibration. She told me that I should play the lotto or gamble. The reading told me to wear my lucky numbers . So I got a silver bracelet with the numbers inscribed on it. I believe this has helped as well.

If you want to bring luck and a better vibration into your life then you should get a reading from Johny Cusante. I have told many people about this, and one of them got a reading here. I am very happy with the results. It doesn't mean that you won't have some bad times, we all do from time to time, but the reading does tell you how to change your vibration for the better and that is what it has done for me. My life has changed for the better.

Thanks again to Johny and professional numerology.

R. T., California



Hello Johny, Thank you so much for the report. I like that you use both systems, very helpful. I will encourage everybody to consult you because of the insights and helpful suggestions and that you always got back to me whenever i needed help or answers to my endless question. Very impressive and great work. All the best to you.

Best regards

Soorraya,Reno, Nevada,USA.



I am so glad to have found this precious information on numerology. I was upset, everything I did in my life was ending up incomplete/failed. I was crazy and frustrated but much thanks to Johnny his precious analysis has helped me to get back my life and understand the missing elements for my success. Once again thank u Johnny!

Best regards

Shafi W.,USA.



Thank you sooo much for my reading...i have a better over-standing of myself. Oh i will be ordering a reading for my significant other. She actually lives in London and is having a tough time in life) within the next day or so.

Thank you so much
S. Cusaac

S. Cusaac,USA.



Hi Johny, Thank you so much for the reading, it was fantastic!
i really enjoyed it.
I was wondering are you able to suggest me a couple more perfect names? i like oksana n samanta, but i dont think they suit me.


T. B.,USA.



Dear Johny, I want to thank your for my personal reading, it was very interesting to read. Most of all I want to thank you for answering all my questions and for helping me to change my name, so I can change my vibration and my luck in life. I will update you on any changes in my life when I have been using my new name for a while. Many thanks for your patience, you are very kind. I am recommending you to all my friends and the people I work with too.


Jenny G., USA



I need to create a business name my wife and I . I have worked with you in the pastů.I changed my name from Brian M. C. to Zeke Nů.totally awesome results.

I am now with my soul mate and truly building a lasting foundation with my partner. Shoot me some possible suggestions based off the information I have presented to you Johnny.


Zeke N

Zeke N., USA



Johny your numerology reading was great. It has been 1 year since I have changed my name and I see so many positive changes. Where do you want me to start? I got a great government job in Washington DC. I feel I have more energy. I also got married 2 months ago to a wonderful man. Before the name change I always felt unlucky.

Brita Jones

Brita Jones, Washington, USA



numerology testimonial review

Hi Johny!

I wanted to thank you so much for your very in depth reading that you did for me! There was so much information that I continually go back to check on parts that I missed! Having the personal one on one call to go along with my reading so that I could ask specific questions was fantastic. You were very patient with me and personable.

I had been researching on numerology for awhile and felt that it was really important to have the Chaldean and Pythagorean methods correlated for the best vibration. Everything is energy! I believe being in awareness of the vibrations that we carry and resonate is one piece of the big puzzle that we can help with. It is really amazing how it all makes sense.

And yes, you were even kind enough to answer a quick question for me when it has been almost a year since my reading! You are the kind of person that I am always hoping to work with!

Sincerely Thank You,

Marinna Rose, Founder

Marinna Rose,USA


Hi Johny, I just finished reading my numerology reading and it was extremely accurate. I myself have studied Pythagorean Numerology and just recently started with Chaldean Numerology. I truly believe we are ruled by numbers from birth to death. I really liked the fact you mixed both numerological systems- great job! Also, the name you suggested for me is perfect. It sounds Italian and I like it!  Fortunately, even though I'm of Hispanic origin, I look quite white, so big plus on that- thanks again. I will highly recommend you to my most intimate friends for a reading. Thank you very much and I shall be persistent and have faith with the advice and suggestions you have offered me. Thank you once again, Johny, and keep bringing this true mystical technology to the public eye.

Zack R. USA.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your help. I must have asked you a hundred questions. You always answer back and are patient and knowledgeable with me. Your reading assisted me in finding a name that should vibrate even better for me- not that the old one was bad- I just wanted something that'd allow me to follow my path as fully as possible. I am so very grateful, Johny. Thank you again and many blessings to you!!

Samantha Polk, USA


Many thanks, Johny, for the very interesting report that I received. Best wishes, Sylvia




numerology testimonial
Thank you. We enjoyed your numerology reading and guide. Johny, we really liked the detailed numerology guide that we received from you. You did a fabulous job.

Sanecki family, Minnesota, USA



Johny, I often gamble in Las Vegas. After I changed my last name, like you recommended, I am making up to 6 figures just from playing blackjack every month. Before, I lost over 1 million over the past few years. The luck is finally on my side. I am eternally grateful to you Johny!

Giacomio B., Vegas, USA



Johny Cusante

My experience with you was very positive and the report you made continues to fascinate me. I have done my homework with other numerologists and I am convinced that you are the real thing and everything in my report CAN be trusted. It would be my pleasure to have a testimonial on your website!

Thank You

Alicia R., Texas, USA



Johny Cusante

Thank you so much for your excellent reading. I took your advice to heart and went about working on my name. I found that just by dropping the c in my last name and changing it that all the vibrations changed for the good. Happy and glad to pay you for your most gracious help.

Claudia, USA



Hi Johny

The reading I got was dead on. I am very happy with the report. I am very thankful that you have explained in details how to change my vibrations and improve my life. I have changed my name and I am seeing positive changes already. I will certainly recommend your services to friends and family.

Nora Peterson, New York, USA



testimonial numerology
Thank you Johny for your help. I have to tell you I've got a new job in a big company and a superb salary. Thank you.




"I really enjoyed this reading because it is very unique in that it uses both systems of numerology. Johny was very helpful in determining which name was best for me to use. This reading has allowed me to understand myself better and how numerology influences my everyday living. I look forward to living life with greater awareness."



testimonial numerology

Finally I had enough strength to finish my non-healthy relationship with my ex. I have met a new man that is the total opposite of my ex. Please do a reading for my sister and brother too. Thank you.



testimonial numerology
Thanks Johny for your help. I must say numerology really works. I feel better and my life seems to be so much different- more positive people are attracted to my energy vibrations.



testimonial numerology
Our marriage almost ended but now we are in love again. Thank you! Johny is the best numerologist!



testimonial numerology
After changing my name my life is totally different. I got a new job and moved to another city. I had to break up with people that were making me unhappy. Finally I must say, I met new friends and I feel wonderful.



3 months after I've changed my name I can see changes in my life. I do not fight with my parents any more. I could not believe that the disrupted energies in my name could be the cause. BUT VIBRATIONS REALLY RULE OUR LIFE.



Hi, many many thanks for my in-depth reading, it certainly has shed some light on my life, thank you x. Many thanks and kind regards to you.



Johny, numerology works! I changed the name of my company after your numerology analysis and I must say that we are doing better this year. I am not saying this is because of numerology, but still I feel very confident.



testimonial numerology
I have experienced some positive changes in my life.



I recommend Johny to everyone who want to have their numerology reading done. He gives great support and is always there to help.




I have known you for many years, Johny. But until last year, I did not want a numerology analysis. I have a wonderful new boyfriend, and I am sure he is the right one.



Johny, I've met a new girl and I am lucky in love. My life is good and I’m finally enjoying it.  Everything seems to be running smoothly. My head is clearer also.



After getting your numerology reading, I am more confident about my future.



Johny's numerology reading has given me a new way of looking at my life, career, love, parents, and also my relationships with my coworkers. All are greatly improved. Nobody joked about my new name and some even said they like it. Thank you.



Johny is an expert! My life has improved, I just bought a new car, and it is my dream car - Porsche. My ex just called me 1 week ago, she wants to get back together. Well you might guess what I said :)

Dr. Mick Passe,


I could not get a job for 2 years.  After changing my name by adding only one letter, I got a job in 1 month. I strongly believe it is because of numerology. I feel my vibrations are luckier. Before the change, I was always depressed and antisocial. Numerology has changed that.

Suruki Satchiama, Orange County


testimonial numerology
I changed my name in January 2008 and after 3 months I have seen changes. I have a new girlfriend and she is great. She is beautiful, smart, and she loves me. Somebody really loves me 100 % for the first time in my life.

JOHN PARCH, 23 YO, Huntington Beach California


I am finally able to quit my job. I hated working for that company as my boss was a super-annoying prick. I opened my own company 2 weeks ago, and we already have 3 major clients. I can't really say this happened because of numerology, but for 25 years I was miserable working for that damn company. I changed my name legally 6 months ago, exactly as you suggested. I even named my company name as you told me to. I really did not believe my dream would ever come true. I still have many years in front of me, but I am happy. Next month, we are recruiting new people. When I meet my clients, I am always super confident. IT IS GREAT!!!!!

Gordon Padmi, NY


Like I wrote you in my letter, my life was falling apart. I talked with 2 different numerologists and they both said my vibrations were ok. But I still felt something was just not right. After I got your reading, you advised me to slightly change my name because Chaldean vibrations were all messed up even though the Pythagorean were ok. After a change, I can see the difference. I have more money and each morning is a happy new day for me. I am not worried about anything anymore. I made changes to my name 1 year ago and finally after 40 years I bought a beautiful house near the sea. My kids are able to go swim every day. My wife loves me, what can I say - MIRACLE!!!

Sancho M., Hawaii


“For me, life after my name change has been a miracle and I would recommend anyone to buy a reading. Thank you, Johny!”

Rachel Parock, Miami


I have been so impressed with my reading that I purchased 4 more numerology readings for the whole family.

Patty Mirc, Boston


Thanks to you, I am enjoying life again.

Jack Mcfint, London



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