Pythagorean Numerology

The Pythagorean Numerology System

Pythagorean Numerology, or "Modern Numerology," as it's often called, is used in the majority of cases. Pythagorean Numerology is very popular because it's easier to learn how to translate letters into numbers, and to master their meanings. The name, when analyzed under Pythagorean Numerology, gives a psycho­logical bent to what motivates you, what you best ex­press naturally, as well as the impression you're likely to make on others. Thus, Pythagorean Numerology method defines the natural talents, abilities, and tools that you were given at birth. This is why using the full name at birth is very important under this Pythagorean Numerology system.

Before we go any further, I want to make it clear that Numerology does not depend on psychic ability. It is not clairvoyance. I believe everyone is somewhat psychic and that we all have intuitions, but the power of Numerology doesn't depend on these characteristics.

The science of Pythagorean Numerology begins with six primary numbers: three that can be derived from your birthday, and three that come from your name. These six numbers offer us insight into who we are and how we can improve our lives in Pythagorean Numerology.

There are six vibrations in the pythagorean numerology system that we'll be working with. These numbers are:

The Life Growth Number

Describes the growth your life must take in order to learn your karmic lessons. It is the main number in Pythagorean numerology.

The Birth Day Number

Describes the way others see you.

The First Impression Number

Describes your first impression you have on people.

The Inner Desire Number

Describes what you desire from inside. People may not see this part of your character, but you feel it.

The Inner Character Number

Describes how people will perceive you. It is what you show the world.

The Total Potential Number

Describes the strength of your potential.


The most important number in pythagorean numerology is Life Growth Number. This is the first step to analyze a person and to find out more about him.

Pythagorean Numerology Number Values

Pythagorean Numerology Vibrations


Usually people want to know if they are compatible with other people, family, lovers, coworkers etc. A precise Pythagorean Numerology calculation can analyze if a person is in harmony with others.

But sometimes people do not get along with other people even if the Life Growth Number is in harmony withe theirs. This is because each number has a positive and a negative energy associated with it in Pythagorean Numerology. You might be bringing out the negative energy of a particular person's number simply because that's what you're expecting from that person that's what you're used to. This is just one more way that knowing the numbers can help you change your life for the better in Pythagorean Numerology. Once you know whom you are compatible with, you can start breaking these patterns of low expectations.



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